About us

FeelWelcome in three words is...


FeelWelcome houses people who believe in a God that loves people beyond measure. If you do have questions about faith, know they are there for you.

Our calendar

Our houses calendar is filled with activities organized by the homes at FeelWelcome. You are invited! Some homes have cozy social gatherings, while others focus more on contemplation and faith-based activities.

Is a house calendar empty? It's just as fun to meet spontaneously! For this option, use the form on the profile page. Someone from the house will contact you as soon as possible.  

Social, faith-based and contemplative

Why not join one of the cozy activities from the houses calendar? There are plenty of options to choose from:

  • sharing a meal
  • have a social cup of coffee
  • fun and games
  • creative gathering
  • join a picnic

Besides the cozy activities, our houses calendar also features several that are faith-based and contemplative in nature, like:

Praying together

This activity is all about coming together to pray - sometimes around a certain theme. Anyone participating can pray out loud, in turn. But you don't have to. There's also room to pray inward or just be present and listen to others praying.

Quiet reflection & walks

When you're still, you can be more attuned to what God has to say. Our calendar regularly features moments of quiet reflection like that. These are times to sit with others at Jesus' feet and listen...

You can also join a quiet walk - a beautiful stroll where you join other to meditate on a Bible passage.

Our team

From left to right on the picture: Willeke Duijst, Lisa Finnema, Frans van Velzen, Willex Duijst, Johan van Hoek en Henk-Jan Mijderwijk.