House rules

You want to join? Great! Anyone can register but we do have some house rules.

We hope this applies to you:

  • You’re a christian and support our core values
  • You take care in making your profile page reflect who you really are, it is up-to-date and presentable (preferably includes a photo).
  • Anything you put in the house calendar is free and easily accessible, making everyone feel welcome.
  • You respond to messages sent to you within a few days.

As a single woman you aim your profile page at women; as a single man you aim the page at men. This also applies to events you add to the calendar. This is important, since being a part of FeelWelcome should be safe for you. We also do not want to give someone a wrong impression when visiting profile pages.


We will guide you through the registration process in a few steps. This does not take longer than 5 minutes. After registering you will get access to a free account. You can use this to easily turn your house ONE (and off) and add to your house calendar.