Give your house a new meaning

If you’d like to mean something for someone, turn your house ON.


    For example when you:

    What does it mean to participate?

    • We launch a monthly theme that you can use (new feature, expecting after summer)
    • We offer materials like posters, invite cards and ‘mailbox chords’.
    • We offer you all kinds of ideas like calendar events or ways to invite someone.
    • When you need it, we’re there for you.

    Something for you?

    It is also safe, since no one is at your door unannounced. You address is not listed on our website. Someone can find your profile on our website and send a contact form. This will end up as an email to you.

    But what about COVID-19?

    Do you want to allow a maximum of one person? Do you want to encourage someone from afar, using WhatsApp or email? 

    When you register, we will offer ideas. You still decide how you want to make an impact during this challenging time.

    • We help you get off to a good start!