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"Het Kwetternest"

In Maassluis

We are Leo and Gerdien, married for 43 years in December, just moved and we have a nice rest room in our garden to have a nice cup of coffee or just relax.

Wat kun je verwachten?

We want to welcome people to "Het Kwetternest". This is a nice rest area OUTSIDE in our garden. (bring a warm sweater on lesser days) * A (ceiling) garden heating is available for any cold days. * You can come here to drink a cup of coffee or tea, water or soft drinks. It's all ready. * Make your own coffee / tea .... no service. * There are NO costs for the drinks, if you want to give a tip it is appreciated but not necessary. * If necessary, a listening ear for those who need it. * No activities or entertainment. * Small children can paint HAPPY STONES with us (everything is present) or play in the nice playground in front of our house. * There is a pond in our garden, be careful with small children, this is your own responsibility. * Scan our QR code on site and you will have excellent free WiFi. *** Our garden door is open every Wednesday afternoon from 13.00 to 17.00.


Een kopje gezelligheid - Woensdag 29 september van 13:00 tot 17:00 (iedere week)

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Hoe werkt het?

Vul het contactformulier zo volledig mogelijk in. Je gegevens belanden bij het huis dat je gekozen hebt. Er zal zo snel mogelijk contact met je opgenomen worden. Als het nodig is, zullen er adresgegevens met je gedeeld worden.